Workout date: 7/13/17
QIC: Madonna
Pax: Snack, Fish, Brexit, Tuba, Stake Out, Bob The Builder, Prince, Mets, el Chapo, Postman, The Saint, Madonna (QIC)

12 brave souls gathered around the VSF for their downpainment

–       SSH 30 x 4
–       Mountain climber 30 x 4
–       Imperial Walker 30 x 4
–       Merkins – 15 x 4
–       Windmill 30 x 4
–       Spider merkin 10 x 4
–       LBC – 30 x 4

Run to the playground passing by the pole

Wait for pax

  • Right arm up
  • Left arm up
  • Mission Impossible 10 countdown
  • Squats 15 x 4

Partner up:

  • Partner 1 runs to pole and back
  • Partner 2:

o    10 pull ups
o    15 dips
o    20 merkins
o    25 LBCs
o    30 squats

  • Flap jack
  • Rinse and repeat x 3

Wait for pax

  • Right arm up
  • Left arm up
  • Mission Impossible 10 countdown
  • Squats 15 x 4

Run back to AO

6MOMs – hold’em, 10 count down… no drop till the end

–       Dolly 20 x 4
–       High slow flutter 20 x 4
–       Freddy Mercury 20 x 4
–       Rosalita 20 x 4
–       Low flutter 20 x 4



– A few alarm malfunctions including Hannibal

– YHC wanted to start using the new paved lap around the playground but it seems that it is not quite ready yet. Plan B had to be executed.

– Brexit keeps getting stronger and coming back for more beatdown!

– Mission Impossible was popular. For this pax that mission is possible. The pax left everything on the field.

Over and out


– We still need your backblasts. Please note the format that we are using so we can archive and then repost on our F3 San Antonio website once it is up. Hard Drive, our Comz, has committed to work on it. T-claps to Hard Drive for his leadership! Once our F3 San Antonio website is up, we will go back to posting the backblasts on the website and the emails with backblasts will stop.

– Capital to Coast race in October 20 – 21 We are in need of a runner. Expected to run up to 19 miles total in three different legs. Very doable but training will be expected.

– The Alamo t-shirts – The F3 MudGear store confirmed that they will open a new window to pre-order The Alamo gear. Once I receive the link to order I will post it on whatsApp.

– Launch of F3 Boerne – grab your rolodex and start identifying the men you know that you would like to invite to the launch. Where: Boerne City Park. When: TBD – most likely a Saturday on the second half of September at 0700. Need to ID a location for coffeeteria.

– email address: if you want us to use a different email address than the one we have for you, please send it to me. If you want to be removed BOO YOU ;o) but we will remove!

Please let me know if you have any questions.



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