When: 7/19/17
QIC: Abacus
Pax: Gomer

2 men gathered in the early morning light – partly cloudy and 77 degrees

The Thang:
SSH x 21
Mountain climbers x 21
Little Baby Crunches x 20
Little Baby Circles x 20 forward
Hand claps x 20
Little Baby Circles x 20 backwards
The Squat x 20
Windmill x 20
Through the Tunnel x 20

Mosey to first station – Deadlift x 15, step ups x 15, Star jumps x 15 on your own

Mosey to second station – karaoke for one light section – jump ups x 15, backdips x 15, merkins x 15

Mosey to third station – karaoke for one section – planks at third station – right arm up, left arm up, right leg up, left leg up, right arm right leg, left arm left leg, right arm left leg, left arm right leg, mission impossible for 10 seconds

Mosey to fourth station – stepper x 15, incline pushups x 15, pull ups x 15

Mosey to station by parking lot – sprint last half of mosey – at station sit ups x 15, arm press x 15, burbees x 15

Travelling Mary –
Mosey to station 1, dolly x 20
Mosey to station 2, high slow flutter x 20
Mosey to station 3, Freddy Mercury x 20
Mosey to station 4, Rosalita x 20 (10 second hold at end)
Faster (but not quite sprint level) run to parking lot – low flutter x 20 (10 second hold at end)


Where the heck was everybody?  2 people?  Is Abacus that scary or did Tuba wear everyone out on Tuesday?

I want to be sure the Saint was not there – I would hate to inadvertently leave him out and get a public blasting on WhatsApp

Happy Hour tonight at Soluna – hope someone remembers to go since they weren’t there this morning

Gomer did a great job coming back from vacation – he struggled a little after a 17 day layoff – thanks Gomer for coming out – it was a great session

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