When: 7/21/17
QIC: The Saint
Pax: Buzz, El Chapo, Fish, Hannibal, Paperboi, Tulip, DOS (FNG-Jeff Heinke), Spur (co-QIC)


    • SSH x 40
    • Mountain Climber x 20
    • Squats x20
    • Merkin (slow & FRM) x 15
    • Imperial Walker x 20
    • Man Maker x 15
    • Thru the Tunnel x 20
    • Carolina Drydock x 20
    • Monkey Humper x 15
    • Mike Tyson x 20
    • Little Baby Crunches x 20

Everyone’s shirt was still dry after Warmarama, so YHC turned the mosey portion of the program over to co-Q Spur, whose progression runs between stations with increasing pace from light pole to light pole kicked hearts into gear (and mine into AFib).

Station 1:
Little Baby Arm Circles
– forward x 20
– Overhead Hand Claps x 20
– backward x 20

Station 2:
Right Arm Up x 10 sec
Left Arm Up x 10 sec
Right Leg Up x 10 sec
Right Arm/Right Leg Up x 10 sec
Left Arm/Left Leg Up x 10 sec
Right Arm/Left Leg Up x 10 sec
Left Arm/Right Leg Up x 10 sec
Mission Impossible x 20 sec (+/-)

Bike Rack:
Russian Hammer x 20
Spider Merkin x 10
Frankenstein Squat x 20

Station 3:
Windmill x 20
Front Kick x 30
Wide Arm Merkin x 15

Traveling Mary (with 10-sec hold up):
Dolly x 20
High Slow Flutter x 20
Freddie Mercury x 20
Dying Cockroach x 20 (NOT like running in place on your back, look it up)
Rosalita x 20
Low Slow Flutter x 20


Surprised to finally see F3 brothers with sweat-drenched shirts (don’t know where they hid the misters).

Glad to welcome DOS for his F3 initiation after much EH’ing (friend of Paperboi and YHC). Expect to see him on Fridays at least.

Chatter about back-to-back MWF workouts (pick one), Capital to Coast Relay (good luck to others), and new Boerne group plans (invite your 78006 buddies).

Special thanks to Spur for the Q team-up, and Hannibal for the prayer.

Over and out,

The Saint

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