When: 7/26/17
QIC: Pescado
Pax: Bob the Builder, Spur , Gomer, JR, El Chapo, Buzz, LA, and Fish

Eight men gathered on breezy morning for their Wednesday morning workout to be Q’d by Pescado

The Thang 20 x 4, unless otherwise noted

  • SSH
  • LBCs
  • Peter Parker kicks
  • Squats

Mosey to Station 2

Imperial walker

Monkey humpers – 15 x 4

Front kicks

Merkins – 15 x 4

Station 2 – 20 reps each

Little baby circles



Hand claps

Mosey to Station 3 – 15 reps each

Through the tunnel



Station 3


Decline push-ups

Step ups

Mosey to bike rack

Right arm push-ups

V sit-ups

Left arm push-ups

Bike rack – Plank

  • Right arm up
  • Left arm up
  • Right leg up
  • Left leg up
  • Right arm and right leg up
  • Left arm and left leg up
  • Right arm and left leg up
  • Left arm and right leg up

Mission Impossible – 30 seconds

Station 4 – 15 reps each

Smurf jacks

Star Jumps

Man makers

Mosey to station 1 – 15 reps each

Mike Tyson

American Hammer

Carolina dry dock

Station 1

Big boy sit-ups

Mountain climber

Diamond push up

Marys – 20 x 4, hold’em and 10 count down… drop

Station 2 – Dolly

Station 3 – High slow flutter

Return to station 2 – Freddy Mercury

Station 1 – Rosalita

Parking lot – Low flutter



Boerne launch Saturday September 23rd

Capital to coast run October 21 – 23.  See Madonna for details

Austin launch October 28th

Back to back workouts continue through Friday, good turnouts, no FNG


See you tomorrow and/or Friday

Over and out


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