WHEN: 8/8/17
QIC: Hannibal
PAX: BTB, Minivan, Mets, Pirate, Mr Potato Head, Tuba, Gomer

Conditions: Temp 70, Humidity 70%, Wind – not today, not today, not today

Warm up

  • SSH x 30
  • LBC x30
  • Hill Billies x3
  • Frankenstein Squats x30
  • Front Kick x 20
  • Russian Twist x30 ankle
  • Grabbing Squats x20 wide arm push ups x15
  • Mountain Climbers x 30

The Thang

  • Partner up. Partner 1 run a lap. Partner 2 skip rope
  • Rinse and repeat x3
  • Big boy lap.
  • The Wall – People’s Chair 60 seconds.
  • Balls to the wall Peter Parker or the nose bleeders x29
  • People’s Chair x30
  • Hill Sprint relay x2 x5


  • Mary Rosalita x30.
  • High slow flutter x30.
  • Freddie Mercury x30
  • low slow flutter x30
  • Hannibal Plank 60 seconds.
  • Two minutes with Tania Harding!


– Blood, Guts, but no thunder today!

– Very little chatter today, just challenges from Gomer ” pass me if you can”. Keep Pushing us hard Gomer.

– Mets was inverted too long and suffered a little discharge – “it is supposed to hurt” –

All In all a great workout gentlemen

Announcement – Saturday we will be driving to Boerne to check out the location for the launch on the 16th after we have our coffee.

See you Wednesday

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