When: 8/3/17
QIC: Tuba
PAX: Snack, Buzz, Rose, Tulip, Spur, Bob the Builder, Fish, Tuba

8 men gathered around the shovel flags for a Thursday morning beatdown.
Conditions: Mostly Cloudy, 77F, Humidity 90%, wind light and variable

The Thang
  • SSH x 30
  • Merkins  x 20
  • LBCs x 30
  • Chinook Squats x 30
  • Carolina Dry Docks x 20
  • Hill Billies x 30
  • Mountain Climbers x 30
  • Man Makers x 30
  • Supermans 5 w/ 10 count hold
  • Smurf Jacks x 25
  • Dive Bomber Push Ups x 10
  • The Table x 30
Black Snake Run to the Motherboard
Motherboard Series
  • 1/3 Lunges
  • 1/3 Bunny Hops
  • 1/3 Duck Walk
  • Sprint back to Start
  • 1/3 Bear Crawl
  • 1/3 Crab Walk
  • 1/3 Carioca
  • Sprint back to Start
Black Snake Run to Church Entrance at top of hill
Plank Medley w/ Mission Impossible 30 count hold
Dips on the benches x 15
Step Ups on the benches x 20
Mosey back to AO
6 MoMs
  • The Dolly x 30
  • High Slow Flutters x 30
  • Freddy Mercury x 30
  • The Rosalita! x 30
  • Low Flutter x 30



  • It was nice to have our flowers, Rose and Tulip among the PAX this morning.  Such sweet, colorful names brightened our day! But make no mistake — there was nothing sweet or delicate about our workout.
  • Strong showing by the PAX this morning.  Though the rain on Wednesday evening was a welcome respite from the intense afternoon heat we’ve had recently, it did nothing to cool things down this morning.  The humidity was worse than ever.  Despite the tough conditions, the PAX persevered and performed a well-rounded and intense workout! #TCLAPS
  • Quite a number of PAX are presently traveling or will be traveling in the coming days.  We prayed for safe travels and returns for all of them.
  • Possession of the shovel flags was transferred from Snack to Buzz
  • Boerne launch Saturday, September 16th (contact Hannibal if you’d like to help out)
  • Austin launch October 28th (contact Madonna if you’d like to help out)
  • See you tomorrow and/or Saturday

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