WHEN: 8/18/17
QIC: Tulip
PAX: Starsky, Rose, Brexit, Tostada, TedX, L.A.

7 men fell in for the 2nd morning session on Friday.
Conditions:Temp ~ 82 degree F, Wind – Nice breeze :), Pavement Heat Radiation – not that bad

The Thang 
Parking Lot
  • SSH x 20
  • Merkins x 15
  • Hillbillies x 20
  • Carolina Dry Dock x 15
Mosey to First Station
LBACs (forward x 20, reverse x 20, Moroccan Nightclub x 20)
LBCs x 20
Mosey to Next Station
Planks (la, ra, ll, rl, lall, rarl)
Manmakers x 20
Through the Tunnel x 20
Imperial Walker x 20
Mosey – Offroad
Modified Dora 1-2-3  (partner 1 – run, partner 2 – excersize, flapjack)
– Merkins x 50 (team)
– Big Boy Sit-Ups x 100 (team)
– Squats x 150 (team)
Mosey to Parking Lot
Mike Tyson x 20
Front Kicks x 20
Windmill x 20
Dolly x 20 (then hold 10 count)
High Slow Flutter x 20  (then hold 10 count)
Freddy Mercury x 20  (then hold 10 count)
Rosalita x 20  (then hold 10 count)
Low Flutter x 20  (then hold 10 count)
Since we had the gift of time…
Hannibal Plank (hold 60 seconds)
Ankle-Grabbing Squats x 20
Upcoming Happy Hour Next Thursday (Aug 24) at Braza Brava Pizzeria (on Broadway) to Celebrate the F3 Alamo Anniversary (4yrs!!!)
Boerne launch Saturday September 16th
Capital to coast run October 21 – 23
Austin F3 launch October 28th

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