WHEN: 8/4/17, 6:30
QIC:  Tulip
PAX:  Tuba, Fish, Bob the Builder, Money, Tostada (new FNG), Brexit, and Gomer (for 6.75 minutes)

8 men gathered at the park for a Friday morning workout.
Conditions: Humid, no wind… can’t wait for Fall.
The Thang
Parking Lot
SSH x 20
Merkins  x 15
Imperial Walker x 20
Peter Parker Kicks x 20
Mosey with Karaoke to 1st Station
LBAC forward x 20
LBAC reverse x 20
Moroccan Nightclub (picked up from F3 Houston) x 20
LBCs x 20
Mosey to Next Station
Manmakers x 20
Windmill x 20
Mosey to Next Station
Table x 20
American Hammer x 20
Mosey Off-Road
Fire Drill (new exercise with rolling and merkins) x 7
Mosey to Next Station
Carolina Dry Dock x 15
Squats x 20
Mosey to Next Station
– left arm
– right arm
– left leg
– right leg
– left arm, left leg
– right arm, right leg,
– left arm, right leg,
– right arm, left leg,
– mission impossible
Mosey to Next Station
Hillbilly x 20
Back to Parking Lot
Ankle-Grabbing Squats x 20
6 MoMs
– Dolly x 20
– High Slow Flutter x 20
– Freddy Mercury x 20
– Rosalita x 20
– Low Flutter x 20



  • Welcome to our newest FNG (Rowe Blount, aka Tostada)…. he hung in quite well for a tough Friday morning humid workout and is now added to this email group.  ** Reminder to QICs: always use the latest backblast to retain the newer emails.
  • #TClaps to the PAX doing both workouts this morning (Fish, Tuba, BTB)
  • Tried the Fire Drill exercise, which has potential but a bit much rolling for a Friday 🙂
  • We are excited to keep the 0630 workout going… especially since we are getting a strong showing for both.
  • For the recent FNGs, we are continuing to have the MWF workouts at both 0530 and 0630 at the Jackson Keller park, and Tues/Thur at 0530 at St. Lukes
  • Excited about the Boerne launch (September 16th)
  • Austin launch (October 28th)
  • See you Saturday

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