WHEN: 8/12/17
QIC: Hannibal
PAX: Tulip, Mets, Tuba, Buzz, Fish, Ted x, Pyro, Spur


  • Side Straddle Hop x30
  • LBC x30
  • Little baby arm circles 30 x2
  • Franken Squats x30
  • Russian Twist x30
  • Through the Tunnel x30
  • Wide arm push up x15
  • Hill Billie’s x30
  • Scissor Sit ups x15
  • Peter Parkers x30


  • Indian rope run to the Playground
  • Dips x15
  • Sit ups x20
  • Squats x25
  • Indian Rope run to the Playing Fields
  • 50 m Sprints with the rope x8!
  • Sits ups with rope x50
  • Rope run back to AO
  • Hannibal Plank 2 minutes
  • Peoples Chair with Rope 2 minutes + 1 minute
  • The Protractor with the rope on ankles 5 minutes
  • Mosey with rope final lap.



  • A great team effort held together by a great big black rope.
  • The Q forgot the rope once and nobody seem to miss it? #neverleavetheropebehind.
  • Welcome back Ted x -Congratulations to our newest father
  • Happy Hour to be planned for the F3 anniversary- ( Madonna has the honor of leading)
  • Ted X offered an extended happy Hour at Braza Brava our favorite Italian Restaurant in the State
  • Tuba and Hannibal checked out Boerne Launch site with CA- further details to follow this week.

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