WHEN: 8/5/17
QIC: Hannibal
PAX: The Saint, Buzz, Tuba, Bob the Builder, Fish, Stakeout, Abacus, Pirate, Pyro, FNG- Bedpan, FNG -Skids

An enthusiastic and energetic group arrived early to meet two great FNG’s – Cowboy and Chris . Rope and bricks ready for all to get off to a flying start.
76 degrees, 60% humility, wind 0

Warm up  ( B= Bricks)

  • SSH x30
  • Peter Parker x30 on B
  • LBC +B
  • Franken squats +B
  • Arm circles +B
  • Angle grabbing squat
  • Mountain climber on B
  • Russian twist +B

The Thang

  • Run with bricks to Motherboard
  • Over head with B
  • Flying with B
  • Sprint relay
  • 20m 40m 60m 80m
  • Plank
  • 20m 40m 60m 80m
  • Plank
  • 20m 40m 60m 80m
  • Hannibal plank 3 minutes on B

Mosey back to parking lot

Rope sit ups -151 single count

Tug of war x4

5 minutes of Mary

  • Low flutters x30
  • Rosalina X 30
  • Freddie Mercury x30
  • High slow flutters x30



  • The podcast continues to send us great new FNG’s
  • Welcome Cowboy ( bedpan) and Chris (skids) from La Vernia.
  • The group really worked hard and left nothing out there today. There was just enough energy left for some joking in the tug of war.
  • Great coffee turn out.
  • There was a lot of talk about opening up the tee shirt order for several guys. Let’s wait for Madonna’s return to organize that next week.
  • Enjoy your weekend and see you next week gentlemen.


  • Boerne Launch September 16th– scouting group will take a visit next Saturday.(Hannibal)
  • Austin Launch October 28th– save the date. (Madonna)

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