WHEN: 9/9/2017
QIC: Tuba
PAX: Bob the Builder, Buzz, El Chapo, Fish, Postman, Saint, Spur, Stakeout

9 gentlemen gathered at dawn for an El Chapo pat down and light jazzercise session. Unfortunately, YHC showed up to Q and hopes were dashed as an F3 style beatdown ensued instead.
Conditions:  Temp 63F; Dewpoint 55F; Wind Calm; Visibility 10; Sky Clear. Arguably a “Top 10 Beautiful Morning of the Year.”

The Thang

At the AO:

  • SSH 29×4
  • Merkins 15×4
  • LBCs 30×4
  • Monkey Humpers 15×4
  • Carolina Dry Docks 15×4
  • Hill Billies 30×4

In Transit:

  • Indian Run to Corner
  • Front Kicks 30×4
  • Man Makers 30×4
  • American Hammers 30×4
  • Indian Run to Soccer Fields

At the Pig Pen (Muddy-from-Morning Dew Soccer Fields):

  • Turkish Get-Ups w/right arm up 10
  • Little Baby Arm Circles 30×4 w/10 count hold
  • Overhead Hand Claps 30×4 w/10 count hold
  • Little Baby Arm Circles 30×4
  • Turkish Get-Ups w/left arm up 10

¼ mile run

  • Oblique v-ups on right side 15×4
  • Oblique v-ups on left side 15×4

¼ mile run

  • Mountain Climbers “All You Got” AYG for 60 seconds

¼ mile run

  • Through the Tunnel (w/hand claps) 32×4
  • Black Jack Routine!!! (w/ 210 LBCs, 210 Merkins and running in between)

Mosey Back to AO


  • Mumble chatter was incessant this morning: “Slow down!”, “The grass is wet!”, “Too many new exercises!”, “Demonstrate!”, “Demonstrate Again!”, “Who started the hand clapping?!?”, “It’s muddy!”, “My shoes are dirty!” #CryMeARiver
  • Mumble chatter ceased once the Black Jack routine started and people had to focus on keeping track of their counting. HA!
  • PAX did absolutely Great — completing at least 300 push-ups and at least 330 crunches during the beatdown and running close to 2 miles! #You’llBeFeelingIt Way to go F3! We were a sloppy, muddy mess afterwards and Fish (our real life Peanuts character Pigpen) left a pile of debris at Local Coffee around his chair.


  • BTB reported that Little BTB is recovering nicely from his surgery.
  • Pyro is scheduled to go under the knife this coming Wednesday for repair of the 3 leg fractures he sustained in his game winning (and ending) F3 Soccer Play of the Year. Thoughts and prayers are with you Pyro!
  • The long-awaited and much-anticipated launch of F3 Boerne is next week! Saturday, September 16, 2017 at 7:00 a.m. in Boerne City Park next to the Municipal Swimming Pool. Tell your family, friends, co-workers and acquaintances. F3 in San Antonio continues without interruption.

Nice prayer by El Chapo.

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