WHEN: 9/13/2017 @5:30
QIC: Tuba
PAX: Buzz, El Chapo, Madonna, Mr. Potato Head, Snack, Stakeout

7 men gathered around the shovel flags in the gloom to start their day.
Conditions: Temp 72F; Dewpoint 70F; Wind SE at 7mph; Visibility 10; cloudy.

The Thang
  • SSH 30×4
  • Merkins 15×4
  • LBCs 30×4
  • Chinook Squats 30×4
  • Carolina Dry Docks 15×4
  • American Hammers 30×4
  • Front Kicks 30×4
  • Man Makers 30×4
  • Hill Billies 30×4
  • Mountain Climbers 30×4
  • Wide Arms 10×4
  • V-Up Sit Ups 15×4
  • Monkey Humpers 15×4

Proceed to Collect One Large Coupon Each:

  • Military Press 30×4
  • Curls 25×4
  • Bench Press 20×4
  • Overhead Tricep Extensions 10×4
  • Upright Rows 10×4
  • Kettle Throws 10×4
  • Lap Around the AO carrying coupon
  • Plank Medley:
    • Right arm high
    • Left arm high
    • Right leg high/higher
    • Left leg high/higher
    • Right Arm/Right leg high
    • Left Arm/Left leg high
    • Mission Impossible 30 count hold
  • Imperial Walkers 20×4 (while waiting for Snack to replace his coupon)
  • Big Boy Sit-Ups with Coupon on chest 15×4
  • Tunnel of Love on the Lawn
  • 4 MoM (no leg drop between exercises):
    • The Dolly 20×4
    • High Slow Flutter 20×4
    • Freddy Mercury 20×4
    • Rosalita 20×4
    • Low Flutter 20×4


  • Mumble chatter peaked immediately following the Military Press with big coupon.  YHC was criticized for the coupon being too heavy and the reps being too many!  The Tuba was considered to be out of tune with his fellow PAX.  YHC knows he is very sharp # of course!
  • To alleviate the excess burden, Snack disintegrated his coupon by hurling it to the ground.  To Snack’s dismay, however, there were plenty of replacement coupons on hand, not to mention all fellow PAX being more than willing to share their own!
  • Once again, the PAX did absolutely great! What a way to start the day off right.


  • It was reported that Pyro made it through his surgery and is now recovering at home with his new bionic leg.  #BetterFasterStronger.  Thoughts and prayers are with you Pyro! A “Pyro Care Calendar” Google spreadsheet is posted on line for anyone interested in signing up to provide Pyro and his family with a meal during his recovery.
  • The launch of F3 Boerne is Saturday!  Saturday, September 16, 2017 at 7:00 a.m. in Boerne City Park next to the Municipal Swimming Pool.  Tell your family, friends, co-workers and acquaintances.  F3 in San Antonio at the Church continues without interruption.
  • Congrats to PapaSpur on the birth of Siro IV, a/k/a Lil Spur.

Over and Out.

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