F3 Boerne
WHEN: 9/30/2017
QIC:  CA (Virgin Q for Boerne AO).  First Q in 5 months, a bit rusty but like riding a bike
PAX: Abacus, Hannibal, Hay Bail (FNG Kelly Williams), Pirate, Cowboy (Second Helping), Madonna, Teddy Bear (FNG Todd Fry), Mr Potato Head, CA

9 Pax posted (including 2 FNGs, and 1 Second Helping) at Boerne City Park for a High Intensity Interval Muddy Beat Down!
Conditions: Beautiful morning, 65 degrees, Boerne City Park Soccer Fields were saturated after 5 straight days of rain.  Was awesome to see the Sun shining for a change!

Disclaimer:  F3 workouts are free and voluntary.  QIC is not a professional.  Workouts are supposed to be hard, but never do anything you’re not comfortable with.  HIIT is great cardio, but do not allow your heart rate to increase too much, stop immediately if you feel faint or dizzy.  Modify any and every exercise if necessary.  Push yourself, but don’t hurt yourself.

The Thang

Mosey to the far soccer field ( to discover saturated ground, soon to be a muddy mess).  Lateral, Asskickers, high knees.

Circle up for warm up

SSH, 15×4
Low Slow Squat, 15×4
Moroccan Night Club, 15×4
Toy Soldiers, 15×4
Bear Hugs, 15×4
Quad Stretches, 15×4
Modified Spyder Mans, 10×4
Pigeons, 10×4

Noticed several veteran pax giving me the “this-is-lame-not-hard-enough-look” for a prolonged full body warm up.  Laughing to myself because only I realize the beatdown about to be unleashed!

Time for HIIT!

Tabata No. 1 – Odd Sets, Mount Climbers; Even Sets, Peter Parkers
(The lack of mumblechatter was deafening)

Lap around the soccer field to fixed aluminum benches.

30 for 30 Round 1

30 sec work / 30 sec rest

Grape Stompers, Dips, Plank Ups, Reverse Crunches
Rinse and Repeat 3x

Breath Catcher:  Side Plank 30 sec, Flap Jack 30 sec, Full Plank 1 min

Lap around Soccer Field returning to aluminum benches.

30 for 30 Round 2
Bobby Hurleys, In & Outs, Kosacks (Huge crowd pleaser and new to Boerne Pax), American Hammer
Rinse and Repeat 3 times

Tabata 2. Jailbreak!! (Another crowd pleaser, and a definite ass-kicker)


9 Pax, 2 FNGs (Hay Bail & Teddy Bear), 1 Second Helping (Cowboy)

Ball of Man (BOM)

Prayers for those still suffering from recent spade of natural disasters – Harvey, Irma, Marie, Mexico City Earthquake.  Remember those with mental illness.

Houston had it’s one year convergence today.  Unfortunately a brother from the Pax, Big Wheel, suffered a massage heart attach immediately following the workout.  No further update at this time but very serious.  Need TAPS.  Big Wheel is the son of Cruiser who is a stalwart of the Houston Pax.

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