WHEN: 9/13/2017 @6:30
QIC: Tulip
PAX: Tostada, Starsky, Brexit, Abacus, Irma (new FNG)

6 men posted for this great Wednesday morning workout!

The Thang 
Parking Lot
SSH x 20
Merkins x 15
Imperial Walker x 20
Peter Parker Kicks x 20
Mike Tyson x 15
Al Gore Squats x 20
Front Kicks x 20
Mosey to First Station (with Karaoke)
Handshake Push-Ups x 15
– forward x 20 (then hold 10 count)
– reverse x 20 (then hold 10 count)
– Moroccan Nightclub x 20 (then hold 10 count)
Through the Tunnel x 20
Mosey to Next Station
Plank (la, ra, ll, rl, lall, rarl)
American Hammer x 20
Carolina Dry Dock x 15
Mosey back to Parking Lot
Hops across 1/2 parking lot, then bear crawl remaining distance
Star Jumps x 10
Mosey to Pavillion
Table x 20
Manmaker x 20
Windmill x 20
Backdips x 20
Derkins x 20
Big Boy Sit-Ups x 15
Spider Merkins x 10
Dolly x 20 (then hold 10 count)
High Slow Flutter x 20  (then hold 10 count)
Rosalita x 20  (then hold 10 count)
Low Flutter x 20  (then hold 10 count)
We are excited to have a new FNG Erin (named Irma, as he is a temporary evacuee from Florida)
The PAX push forth extra effort this morning and we all had a great workout to kick off our Wednesdays.
Boerne launch this Saturday September 16th
Capital to coast run October 21 – 23
Austin F3 launch October 28th
F3 San Antonio is up and running – www.f3satx.com
Reminder about Happy Hour tomorrow at Braza Brava Pizzeria starting at 5:30pm.
*New – F3 Ski Trip is being planned for Thursday to Sunday (either Feb 1 or Feb 8); let Madonna know if you are interested.
*Also, a visitation/dinner schedule was put together to help the GoForth family;  take a look and find if you can help.

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