WHEN: 9/18/2017 @5:30
QIC: Abacus, The Saint, Spur
PAX: Abacus, The Saint, Spur

3 men gathered on a humid morning to start the week. We had a no show from the scheduled Q which resulted in a “shared” Q – this is not a good idea. Stick with one leader. We ended up trying to outdo each other to our own detriment.
Conditions: Temp 75F; Very Humid; No wind other than what we could generate during running portions

The Thang

  • SSH 20×4
  • Mountain Climber 23×4
  • Imperial Walkers 20×4
  • Cannot remember 20×4
  • Front kicks 21×4
  • Squats 20×4

Run to Station 1 – sprint at least half of the distance except Abacus who is slower than most

  • LBAC (20×4 forward)
  • Hand Claps (20 x4)
  • LBAC (20×4 backward)
  • El Chapo (through the tunnel) 21×4

Run to Station 2 – karaoke one light pole distance facing each way

  • Backdips 10×4
  • Windshield Wipers 20 x4
  • Step Ups 20×4

Run to Station 3

  • plank (RA, LA, RL, LL, , RA & RL, LA & LL, RA & LL, LA and RL, mission impossible)
  • Rinse and repeat the mission impossible for 3 counts of 10 seconds)\

Run to Station 4

  • Cycle through on your own – 25 smurfjacks, 10 burpees, 15 pull ups

Run to Station 5 – run backwards for one light pole and mosey the rest

  • Russian Twist 20×4

Walk to Parking Lot

  • Progressives – one gorilla humper, run across parking lot, 10 merkins, run back
  • 2 gorillia humpers, 9 merkins
  • And so on down to 10 gorilla humpers and 1 merkins

Time for Mary

  • High slow flutter 20×4
  • Dolly 20×4
  • Freddy Mercury 20×4
  • Rosalita 20×4
  • Low flutter 20×4
  • COT:
  • Spur is back and looking great – all good at home and back at workout!
  • To be fair to the no show Q, we were all running a little late.  The Saint showed up barefoot.
  • Sounds like Boerne launch went well
  • Great workout all around

See you Tuesday and/or Wednesday


Over and out

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