WHEN: 10/2/2017 @6:30
QIC: El Chapo
PAX: Brexit, Starskey

3 brave men met at 6:30 am — rested and pumped up
Conditions: cool & dry

Warm Up & Thang (I know we did more than this)

– SSH 25 x 4

– Merkins — 20 x 4

– Hillbillies 30 x 4

— Squats 30×4

— Front Kicks – 30×2

— Through the tunnel – 25×3

— Imperial Walker 30 x 4


Run to second workout station

  • Dips 20 x 4
  • Incline push ups 15 x 2
  • Morrocan Night Clubs 30 x 4
  • Overhead hand claps 25×2


Run to bike rack

  • Wide arm push ups 12×2
  • Side oblique crunches 15x2x2
  • V sit ups 20×2
  • Freddy Mercury – 25×4
  • Dolly 30 x 4, hold for 10
  • High slow flutter 30 x 4, hold for 10

Mosey back to parking lot

  • LB Arm Circles (bidirectional) – 40×4
  • Windmills – 25X2
  • Front kicks – 25×2



Prayers for Pyro and for Big Wheel, F3 colleague in Houston

Prayers for El Chapo’s daughter Anna Louise as she looks for a post-college job and gains wisdom about the real world (vs. the imaginary college world)

[I caught something on the radio about a shooting as I pulled into the parking lot but had no details. Now we know, prayers are needed for the 400 injured and the families of the 50+ killed in Las Vegas]

Very sad news…..
From Duggar:
…Big Wheel journeyed onward to a better place. He was surrounded with the love of his family all around him, as he passed over. Cruiser showed a strength and courage that is hard to convey; he has a warrior’s spirit that displayed itself in Big Wheel’s final hours.
We love you Cruiser. You are truly #oldmanstrong and we’re here for you. When you hurt, we hurt. When you cry, it will never be alone. We have your back and are here for you. God’s Peace be upon you.

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