F3 Announcements: Moving Saturday AO & Welcome to The Sandlot AO

1.      Starting Saturday, October 3rd, we will move our Saturday 0700 AO to Olmos Soccer Fields located at 500 Devine Rd, San Antonio, TX 78209.


First off, St. Luke’s AO has treated us so well. It’s our baby and original “home”. But we have outgrown that AO for Saturday’s. Freed to Lead has a term called “Diminishing Returns to Fellowship” (DRTF), where eventually a workout is drawing too many PAX and limits interaction with all attendees. DRTF occurs at 18 PAX.


For Saturday, we typically draw 25 – 30 consistently. In order for us to encourage more men to attend, and those men get a chance to see how awesome you are, we have two options: split the AO or find a larger facility that can accommodate growth.


The Olmos Soccer Fields offer a familiar option that gives us plenty of room. Parking is easily accessible. There’s a restroom available. Onlookers can see our hard work and inquire about F3. And, with apologies to those with grass allergies, we have plenty of grass to do different exercises.


Long term, I envision Olmos Soccer Fields being the Saturday AO for F3 boot camp group, running group, bike group, rucking group, and <fill in your own blank> group. Then, at 0800, each group completes their beatdown and we meet together for one large COT. Afterwards we break for coffeeteria. But that’s long term… step by step.


     This move does not come with its own set of challenges. Here are a few that YHC has thought of:


·        Increased attention of social distance protocols. As we continue to monitor COVID, we need to be mindful of remaining compliant with city guidelines around social distancing, masks, and workout limitations.


·        Backup location communication when the gates are closed. If you don’t know, the gates close when there’s a risk for flooding, preventing us from going to the Olmos Soccer Fields. This typically happens a handful of times a year. Our backup location will always be St. Luke’s. But we need to be mindful to communicate this to new guys.


·        Increase attention can sometimes be negative. How we act, how we dress, how loud our music is, what we drink… all will be evaluated by onlookers. Let’s be mindful of how our actions are perceived in the fishbowl.


·        Need a name for new AO. This is probably my biggest struggle. Saturday’s are special. So the name needs to be special… YHC is open for suggestions on this momentous decision.


·        Posting a sentry at St. Luke’s. To ensure we capture all men who do not get the message, for the first few weeks, we need to have a PAX volunteer the first few minutes to ensure we direct traffic to the soccer fields.



Please spread the word and include this change in all backblasts and COT announcements for the next few weeks.



2.      Starting Tuesday, September 29th, The Sandlot AO will open its doors as a new AO. Here are the details:


·        AO Name: The Sandlot

·        Start Date: Tuesday, September 29th

·        End Date: Saturday, November 21st (Yes, this is an 8-week temporary AO for a new program)

·        Days of Week:

         i.     Tuesday 0530 – 0615 @ Alamo Heights United Methodist (825 E Basse Rd, San Antonio, TX 78209)

         ii.     Thursday 0530 – 0615 @ Alamo Heights United Methodist (825 E Basse Rd, San Antonio, TX 78209)

       iii.     Saturday 0605 – 0650 @ Olmos Soccer Fields (500 Devine Rd, San Antonio, TX 78209)

·        Equipment: BYOS (bring your own sandbag) and/or rucksack


There are two reasons I want to start this up. First, this is selfish. Periodically I get tired of boot camp and need a change of pace / exercise types. A few of you may remember last summer I took off and focused on weight training; a couple of years ago I took time away to run long distance. Looking back, I question whether I should have created an F3 group to try these endeavors. After all, we are only stronger through accountability.


Second, I (and we, really) need to lead out front. Trying new things, paving a way, and being ok to branch out is part of a culture I want the PAX to embrace. So long as we are open in dialogue, communicating about these updates, and opening up to other PAX and men. We are freed to lead baby!


This AO will attract the “what’s next” PAX. That man who wants to do weight training. We will be using an 8-week program called The Anvil, which was created by F3 Houston. The entire 8-week program is attached for your review, including links to the “how to” exercise videos. The AO will require you to have a sandbag and/or weighted rucksack. I bought my sandbag from Amazon and plan to use 40 lbs + wear my weighted rucksack. You can use what you prefer as you review the program.


Here’s what you can expect: At 0530, YHC will have the workout posted on a mini-whiteboard. We will put on music, set up the timer, and get to work with our rucksack and/or sandbag. One day will be upper body, another day will be core, and another day legs.


At the end of the 8 week program, unless someone else wants to take the lead as The Sandlot AO Q, I will close this AO. We will see…. Special thank you to Aquaman for obtaining permission from Alamo Heights Methodist.



Over and out,