GrowRuck Alamo – April 9-11, 2021

IMPORTANT UPDATE: GrowRuck Alamo has been rescheduled to the weekend of April 9-11, 2021.  More details to come.


GrowRuck Alamo Preblast:

Ever wonder how high impact men become high impact men? Or, better yet, where high impact
men go to sharpen their mental and physical tools?

If you have even the slightest bit of curiosity, then make travel arrangements September 18 –
20th to San Antonio, TX – home of The Alamo, San Antonio Spurs, the original Riverwalk, and
some of the greatest Mexican food in the country.

It is here F3 Nation has selected to host the 20th GrowRuck weekend. Three days jam packed
with leadership lessons and opportunities, as well as where life-long friendships will be forged
and bonded.

Here’s a breakdown of the details:

What’s the cost?
The cost to participate in GrowRuck Alamo is $150 for San Antonio PAX and $125 for the
“Clown Car Special” (or those coming from out of town). The cost is reduced for out of town
PAX to assist with additional costs incurred through travel, food, and lodging expenses.

What do I get for my money?
Your money will go towards GrowSchool, GrowRuck event, a customized GrowRuck Alamo t-
shirt, GrowRuck patch, and your own e-copy of Q-Source. San Antonio will also host optional
Leadership Breakout Sessions for those PAX that want to get extra credit.

So let’s break each one of these down:

  • G3LT (Formally known as GrowSchool): led by F3 Nation, you will get a crash course of
    leadership skills based on F3 principles that help you foster your high impact man status.
  • GrowRuck Event – this is all night rucking event where you wear a 20 – 30 lb backpack
    and apply the leadership lessons you learned through out the day. You will be led by a
    cadre that helps guide your experience throughout the evening.
  • Customized GrowRuck Alamo t-shirt: self-explanatory… Get a t-shirt with a sweet logo
    that people will ask about and you will respond with a memorable story.
  • GrowRuck Patch: self-explanatory… Earn a badge that will symbolize bragging rights for
  • Q-Source e-Book: Leadership summarized in a few hundred pages. No more going to the
    website. Maybe, if you are nice enough, print if off and Dredd will sign it for you while
    in San Antonio.
  • Leadership Breakout Sessions: this is an optional session hosted after GrowSchool, where
    the host city is organizing breakout sessions that highlight different cultures you can
    bring back to your Region. Come enjoy sessions around topics like creating a “Ruck
    Group”, “Music Group”, and many more.

On top of the valuable experiences and memorabilia above, you will get an opportunity to
network and build life-long friendships with PAX from across the nation!

How do I register?
Registration is open June 15 through the day of the event. You can register at the following link: In order to plan for the number of cadres, we are
asking for an upfront payment of $75. The rest will be due within 30 days of the event.

Here’s some additional insight into the cadres: We require 1 cadre per 60 PAX. Each cadre needs
to make travel arrangements to San Antonio and plan the appropriate all night route with the
PAX. It takes work and coordination to get this done, which is why we want an upfront “hard

What happens if I register closer to the event?
We will embrace you like the brother you are! But seriously, the worst that can happen is you do
not get the t-shirt and it messes up our cadre planning. Remember, we require 1 cadre per 60
PAX. So if we are on the border of that number it might be an issue.

Where do out of town guests stay?
We have coordinated with La Quinta Inn & Suites by Wyndham San Antonio Airport, located
near the San Antonio airport on the north side of town at 850 Halm Boulevard, San Antonio, TX,
78216 ( Each room will cost $89, which means the more you add to each room the
lower the cost. Get with your Region GrowRuck Q if you have any additional questions about
lodging. If you don’t have a Region GrowRuck Q, or you just want more information…

What if we want more information on San Antonio as we prepare for our trip?
You are in luck. The San Antonio PAX have created a welcome committee that can give you
insight into the city and any surrounding questions you may have as you plan your trip. We can
tell you the good spots around town, and where to avoid.

Here’s the San Antonio GrowRuck Welcome Committee:

Send an email to any of these individuals and we can respond back to you within 24 hours… with

Who’s the GrowRuck Alamo event Q?

Your event Q for the weekend is Spur from F3 San Antonio. He is working with F3 Nation and
GrowRuck Q’s from Houston, Austin, and Dallas to coordinate a Texas-sized GrowRuck
weekend that will be sure to be memorable. If you have questions about the weekend, or just
want to get a sense of how you can help bring the best GrowRuck experience to San Antonio,
reach out to Spur at or twitter at @SG_Three.

What’s the weekend schedule look like?

Details are still being ironed out and, like any big event, it will have modifications as we get
closer. But here’s what we have planned for the PAX:

Friday, September 18
1900 – 2200: 2nd F Event at a location near the historical Pearl District. (Side note: What’s the
Pearl District you ask? Great question. On top of the location for F3 San Antonio’s 6th planted
AO, the Pearl District is home to chef-owned restaurants, independent shops, and cool bars
around a 22-acre site by the San Antonio River).

  • What do you need to bring? $10 per PAX to pay for food and drinks. We will have a
    bucket you can throw your cash into.
  • How do I get there? Uber, phone a buddy, or van / bus.
  • How far is this from the hotel? 5 – 7 miles (And for you overachievers… no, we do not
    recommend moseying from the hotel to dinner. Unless you like to dodge traffic).

Saturday, September 19
0615 – 0700: Extra credit “dam run” @ Soccer Fields located at Olmos Basin Park (651 Devine
Rd, San Antonio, TX 78212).

  • What’s the “dam run”? Bet you didn’t know there’s a dam in San Antonio. Come early
    and enjoy an extra credit 3 mile mosey that San Antonio PAX take before each Saturday
  • What do I bring? Typical F3 workout gear + Running shoes and a smile

0700 – 0815: Kingbuilder @ Soccer Fields located at Olmos Basin Park (651 Devine Rd, San
Antonio, TX 78212).

  • What’s the Kingbuilder? It’s what we formally referred to as the Convergence – a
    workout that PAX gather in one location for a workout under one Q.
  • Who’s the Q? Someone from the F3 Nation, which we expect will bring the fire!
  • What do I bring? Typical F3 workout gear
  • How many guys are you expecting? If you show up, we promise we will shoot for 100+!

0900 – 1130: Coffeeteria / G3LT located @ St. Luke’s Episcopal School (15 St. Lukes Ln, San
Antonio, TX 78209)

  • What’s G3LT? It’s what we formally referred to as GrowSchool – an F3 leadership
  • What do I bring? $5 for breakfast, a notebook to take notes, ruck sack for the evening
  • Wait, rucksack? Yes, bring your rucksack. Not everyone will know what to pack for the
    evening, so we will go over the basics during this session.
  • What are you going to feed me? San Antonio is known for the best breakfast tacos…
    Expect to be impressed.

1130 – 1200: Break
1200 – 1500: Extra Credit!!!! Lunch & Leadership Breakout Sessions located @ St. Luke’s
Episcopal School (15 St. Lukes Ln, San Antonio, TX 78209)

  • What do I bring? $10 for lunch
  • What are you going to feed me? Pizza… You will need to carb up before our evening ruck
  • You had me at breakout sessions… But what are you planning on talking about? Each
    Region has created a sense of culture that you can take back to your hometown. Come
    enjoy several breakout sessions that help breakdown how this culture was created and the
    steps it took to create it. Some of the topics include a “Ruck Group”, “Music Group”, and
    many more.

1500 – 1800: Break

1800 – Sunday 1000: GrowRuck, with starting point is @ Soccer Fields located at Olmos Basin
Park (651 Devine Rd, San Antonio, TX 78212).

  • What’s our end point for GrowRuck? Our start and end point are the same location –
    Soccer Fields located at Olmos Basin Park (651 Devine Rd, San Antonio, TX 78212).
  • Where can I take a shower after the event? San Antonio PAX are arranging a shower
    facility at a YMCA (3233 N St. Mary’s St, San Antonio, TX 78212). All you need to
    bring is your own towels, a change of clothes, and a $5 facility fee.

What’s the background to GrowRuck?
It’s simple: GrowSchool + GORUCK Tough challenge. In one weekend, you’ll get, 1stF +
CSAUP + 2ndF + F3 Leadership Development & Training. F3 rolled out GrowSchool in
November 2016  as an offering for F3’s “Nomads” — workout locations that are on their way to
becoming Regions and can use a little support and encouragement along the way.

After teaching through a couple of GrowSchools, F3 Nation started to realize how important
CSAUP events are to building 2ndF and the overall momentum toward a region. And no CSAUP
event that we’ve ever seen has the same catalytic effect on 2ndF and F3 growth as F3 guys
getting together to do a GORUCK Tough challenge.
So, we thought, why not combine the two?

Over the last several years, almost 600 men complete the GrowRuck in Jacksonville, Eastern
North Carolina, New Orleans, Seattle, Chattanooga, Texas, Columbia, Toledo, Memphis, and

This year will be the first year GrowRuck will be completely separated from GORUCK, making
the entire evening tailored to F3 culture and fun!

How do I train for a GrowRuck?
This is probably the biggest question we get. There are numerous videos available online that
provide tips to training. How are we training in San Antonio? We are leveraging our Houston

PAX and their rucking background. Houston’s K-Y is Houston’s Rucking Q and has provided
the plan to the PAX.

If you have any questions, please reach out to him directly and he may share Houston’s secret
plan… even if it’s for a small, nominal fee. K-Y can be reached at

What if we get tired during the GrowRuck evening?
Smile. Embrace the suck. And be thankful you have brothers to your left and right that will help
you get through without quitting… Never leave a man behind!

What do I need to know about the gear for the ruck event?
The most frequent question asked when an F3 group begins to look into doing the Challenge is
“do I need to buy a $300 backpack”. The short answer is no. Here’s what we recommend. Go to
the F3 Gear website and look up the TLO TacPack12 – 12 Hour Tactical Backpack. You will
find a reasonable priced rucksack in either black or light brown – good enough colors that you
can use as a go-bag for your next business trip.

And, if things get really bad and you need a ruck but don’t have the means to get one, another
option is to Tweet with the hashtag #LendARuck and tag the @F3GrowRuck account in your
tweet asking for a ruck, and someone from the F3Nation will answer the call (kinda like the Bat
Signal) and ship you his ruck to use. In return, you’ll wash it and send it back to him with a
sweet F3 Lend-A-Ruck patch.

What else will I need besides a ruck?
Check back again 60 days prior to the event. A complete, comprehensive list will be published

What about COVID-19?
We know that COVID-19 will be an issue and concern for many and we are not ignoring it.
Organizers will be monitoring the situation with the pandemic and watching what is happening
with other endurance events in the area. If endurance events like marathons, etc. are still being
routinely canceled in our area at the time of our event, then we will very likely cancel as well.
You will be given the opportunity to transfer your registration to another upcoming or
rescheduled GrowRuck event or else request a refund.

In addition, the organizers and cadres are well aware of the continued need for social distancing
and compliance with other public health guidelines. Adjustments will be made to the event as
necessary to reduce the risks associated with the pandemic.