F3 San Antonio CSAUP Backblast: September 18 – 20, 2020

First off, if you are reading this and did not attend an event noted below… we missed you.

Maybe you were traveling this weekend, or had family obligations, or just felt an event was not for you. Regardless, remember we are open to all men. So, when the time is right for you to join an event or post to a workout, we promise to welcome you with open arms.

Here’s a brief summary of each event:

Fellowship @ The Pearl District AO

PAX: Paperboi (Beer Q), The Saint, Pyro, Woody, Tuba, Mermaid, Bypass, Red, Madonna, Popeye, Spur, Prince, Beetus, Bevo, Chamber, Soprano, Brownie, Aquaman, Minivan, Plumber, Lucky Charm, Dorothy, Snack, Kojack, Carp, Sodfather, Mulch, BtB, chick (Event Q)

  • The food was amazing, the beer was incredible (and donated by Shiner), and the weather YHC ordered came through flawlessly. But all of this was overshadowed by a pretty big announcement…
  • After 7 years at the helm of F3 San Antonio, Madonna handed over the keys to YHC as Nantan. Madonna has sacrificed so much for this group and I’m so proud to be following his lead. As YHC told the PAX, let’s remember Madonna has two hats and he’s only giving me one. He’s also the Founder of F3 San Antonio, and that title never relinquishes.
  • As Nantan, my primary goal will be expansion of F3 San Antonio. Getting this wonderful group out to more men. This will mean more opportunities for you to lead… more AOs, different types of exercise groups, and finding a way to communicate to scale for growth.
  • YHC announced other very important roles of the F3 San Antonio Shared Leadership Team (SLT). All job descriptions can be found on this site: https://f3gastonia.com/resources/job-descriptions/. F3 San Antonio’s SLT are as follows:

o   Weasel Shaker: Mulch; a man who has been with F3 for less than 3 months, Mulch has made a tremendous impact on our group. He’s a bad a$$ HIM and we are lucky to have him. (Plus, he can probably beat you up).

o   2nd F: Mermaid; with impeccable character and is loved by all, Mermaid has won our hearts since his first post where he left the AO in a convertible, shirtless, listening to Beach Boys. (Plus, the hair… incredible).

o   3rd F: Woody; a rock star, both literally and in our hearts, Woody has a worldly view on how to make an impact on the community. (And, for crying out loud, who doesn’t want to run through a brick wall after Woody prays???)

  • Thank you to Paperboi for coordinating the beer logistics; chick for coordinating food logistics; and to shouts to Kotters who we hope to see again soon! Plumber, Lucky Charm, and Dorothy!!!

“Q of the Year” Beatdown @ Olmos Soccer Fields

PAX: Sticky, Trojan, Gomez, Amadeus, chick, StrawMan (FNG), Aquaman, Money, El Chapo, Popeye, Paperboi, Soprano, Sideways, BtB, Madonna, Mulch, Brownie, Chamber, Beetus, Minivan, Woody, Prince, PeeWee, Spam, Tuba, Kojack, The Saint, Abacus, Splash, Sodfather, Gasket, Gipper, Spur (Event Q), Hannibal (Q-Competitor), Mermaid (Q-Competitor), Tater Tot (Q-Competitor)

  • The idea of “Q of the Year” came from Alright Alright, from F3 Dallas. They have done this a few years in a row, and he shared this with me. Alright Alright also serves as the F3 Texas TRUEbadour (https://f3nation.com/truebadours)
  • YHC does not remember a time so many PAX showed up 15 minutes before beatdown. Excitement was in the air! As we narrowed to 0700, PAX were divided into 3 groups. Group 1 was Mermaid, 2 was Hannibal, and 3 was Tater Tot. Note: This backblast will not include the workouts of each Q… YHC will leave that up to the Q if they want to post.
  • We were joined by FNG Marcel Johnson, who will forever be known as StrawMan. Why this straightforward, yet creative name? Well that’s something you will have to ask StrawMan when you meet him. Let’s just say he fell for the age old, “Tell us one of your most embarrassing moments” and his story was relatable with every man in a bar. Come back StrawMan… you make us stronger!
  • YHC was accused of hand-picking the Q competitors b/c they were so diverse. Tot did a Tot workout with a bunch of merkins; Mermaid did his creative running routine; and Hannibal did some fun/creative stuff with coupons and tug-a-war. Collectively it was a great beatdown and had something for everyone.
  • The highlight came during the announcement of the winner. The voting process was audited by Sodfather, because nobody messes with the integrity and honor of him. In the end, it was one vote that separated the winner.
  • At the encouragement of Sodfather, YHC read aloud one voter’s commentary on who they voted for: “Hannibal, with honorable mention to Mermaid for consistency and Tater Tot for enthusiasm.” And with that, the F3 San Antonio Q of 2020 goes to Hannibal.
  • It was not planned this way, but Hannibal gave a passionate speech after the announcement. YHC will let you ask your other F3 brothers on specifics, but tears were shed, social-distant hugs were had, and we celebrated Hannibal, Mermaid, and Tater Tot… Because they are all incredible leaders and we are grateful to have them.

All Night Ruck/Walk

PAX: Bevo, BtB (Sag Wagon Q), Pyro (Sag Wagon Q), Brownie, Tulip (Route Q), Chamber, Madonna, Aquaman, Abacus, Sodfather, Soprano, Sticky, Prince, Tuba, Mulch (Q-Source Q), Snack, Minivan, Paperboi (Sag Wagon Q), Tetas, Spur (Event Q), Doogie, chick, Red, Hannibal, Bypass, El Chapo (Sag Wagon Q), Beetus, Kojack, Carp, Splash, The Saint, Spam, Mermaid, Popeye

  • Where do you start? 34 men sacrificed their bodies, minds, and beds to partake on a ~28 mile ruck/walk. 34!!!!!!!! In the end, we bonded as brothers as we learned about one another, stopped for leadership lessons, and pushed each other to the finish line.
  • PAX took off from The Tank AO. We started off by going through safety rules, Q-Source lesson on disruption, and a special surprise by Woody, who brought his guitar and sang / prayed for us before departure. It was beautiful.
  • Special thank you to Tulip for leading from the front (when Sticky wasn’t Bogart Q’ing you), putting together the route, and keeping us on task. Tulip has a special skill and we are grateful for his talents.
  • We took off as the sun was setting. By the time we were a mile down the road, it was dark as we traveled south on Devine. There was lots of energy by the PAX as we embarked on something we, realistically, did not know what to expect. When was the last time F3 San Antonio partook in an event like this? 26+ miles? With rucksacks on? In the middle of the night? Were we ready?
  • We had 4 stops throughout the evening, resembling the 4 Quadrants of Q-Source: Get Right, Live Right, Lead Right, Leave Right. Special thank you to Mulch for putting together the Q-Source lessons, and the discussion leaders to ensure we were guided to the primary leadership principles. You made it engaging and helped stimulate our minds and hearts.
  • Each PAX can share what inspired them the most, and I encourage you to ask them. But here is what YHC saw that, without a doubt, inspired all of us…

o   The Sag Wagons. In many ways, Paperboi, BtB, El Chapo, and Pyro had a tougher job than the ruckers. Their job was purely servitude to the PAX, battling sleep deprivation without the advantage of movement. They stayed in constant communication, honked for encouragement, had several water / beer / Gatorade stations throughout the evening, and even asked on-lookers to cheer us on. We are in forever debt to these men. We could not have accomplished this amazing feat without their support.

o   The Six. There were times we had to hold for the six. And when that PAX caught up, whether they were battling through an injury, blisters, or were just tired, that man always had the same reaction … They were determined to finish. Whether it was because the challenge was with brothers, or they were just plain stubborn, their tenacity left us inspired.

o   The Flag. Walking in the wee hours of the morning, following that flag with other men, was a symbol of something great. It was a constant reminder that we are doing this for something greater than ourselves.

o   The stories. When you are with several men, in close proximity, you are forced to get to know him. You get to know his heart, his motivation, his goals. And when you add the Q-Source lessons to the evening, we dug deeper than we’ve dug with any man in a long time. I am forever grateful for the vulnerability shared by each.

o   The finish line. By the end, we completed ~28 miles. Most of the men have never completed an event like this. I’m sure there were doubts when they signed up and maybe a few times during the night. But when that sun rose, and we were within 2 miles of completing our goal, the PAX were walking a little faster. Because we knew our goal, which seemed almost impossible 12 hours ago, was within reach.

  • There’s a million other things YHC can write about. But, I’m sure those will come out over time. Just please forgive the PAX as we share our stories… We don’t mean to have “inside jokes”, but this evening will forever be special in our hearts with memories that we will carry forever. We just hope you come out to the next CSAUP event so we can create more memories.
  • “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” 28 miles baby!

Thank you for the opportunity to serve this great group of men. I am grateful for each of you. Over and out.